Sunday, February 13, 2011

February 2011!!

Rowan is now 17.5 months old!! I cannot believe it!! Houston and I were talking today and it won't be too long before we begin transitioning Rowan to his big boy bed! (6 months, I think!) This is exciting, but sad at the same time! :) He is running everywhere, talking constantly...not too clear, though! The only words I really understand are: ball, hot, mama, dada, fish, no, nana (for my mom), nana (for banana), yesssss, bye bye, and Hi. There may be more, but those are the most common. Rowan is very observant. He can point to people on the fridge when I say there name and does really well identifying his animals, etc. (I'm sure most children do this around this time, but I just think it is so cool!) He is so SWEET! Seriously, he loves to hug and give kisses. Houston has started putting him to bed at night and he will give me a kiss and tell me bye bye! (PRECIOUS!) Houston is so great with him! I am so thankful for such a good husband! :) Rowan even hugs his Elmo and Mickey. While hugging he will pat them on the back. He loves to play with his tools...the hammer is his favorite, probably because it is the loudest. :) He isn't scared of anything. This is good and bad. Hopefully we won't have any injuries from this. These days it is SO hard to go to work. Rowan is just so much fun!!! I hate leaving him, but know that's what we have to do right now. :)

January was SO much fun! :) Some of my girlfriends and I had a slumber party/birthday celebration in Florence at Kaydee's soon to be house!! We went to dinner at Ricatoni's and then went home to play the Wii. We dressed up in 80's outfits and rocked out!FUN TIMES!! I think I burned more calories than I consumed! Wahoo! ;) We plan on having another girls night in March!! YAY! Cannot wait! :)
Kaydee is getting married in July, so we have some busy months ahead of us getting ready for that!! Wahoo!! I love weddings and looooove when it's a friends wedding, of course!! I have the best group of girlfriends and I am so thankful for that! :)

Baby Ella is doing better...still has a way to go, but doing well for everything she has gone through! She is so tough!! Her walk is March 12th and we have had such a good response!! Thank you all for everything...Aubrey and I really appreciate it!! :)

Life has been very busy! And, life has been good!! Of course, there are some things going on in my life right now that are hard, but I try not to dwell on those. So, I will just ask you to pray for me and pray God continues to take care of everything, which He will! :)

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