Saturday, December 25, 2010

December 2010

This month started with Houston's 30TH birthday and party...which I must say was a blast! He and I have the most awesome friends and always have so much fun together!!! Aubrey came up that weekend and helped me with everything...she's the best!

It's hard to believe that tomorrow my little boy will be 16 months old! Time is flying, but it really is so much fun! He is SO stinking busy! It's hilarious to just sit and watch him run around! He has started giving me more hugs and kisses, trying to talk more, running everywhere, and organizing things! And, he LOVES books! I'm proud of that. He gets that from his daddy!

Thanksgiving and Christmas this year were so much fun! We got together with our families and had a blast!

On another note: Everyone please pray for my friend Kellie, her husband Dustin, and their little girl Ella! She had a bone marrow transplant on December 9th and is at Children's Hospital recovering from it! There have been complications, but hopefully she will get to go to the bone marrow unit next week and leave the ICU!! Praise GOD!!!


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Growing too fast...

Being a Mommy is such a wonderful, fun job and gets better every day! :) Rowan is such a fun little boy!!! He is now running everywhere, babbling nonstop. He can say a few words...ball, cow, jump, nana, mommy, daddy, and a few others, but nothing is very clear, yet. :) He goes tomorrow for his 2nd round of flu vaccination, but last time I took him he just made a noise at the nurse after she gave it to him., "who do you think you are?"

We have been super busy lately! Last weekend we were able to go with Aubs and her Dad to the Bama game and had so much fun! The weekend before, us girls (and Rowan) went to see Catherine and Scarlett! It was LOTS of fun!! Scarlett is absolutely precious!!! I am seriously so thankful for our group of friends!!

I am very excited about the holidays coming up! I love our family time and love when we can all get together because everyone is so busy, so it doesn't happen often. :(

Recent pictures are here! :) I just loved his little Christmas pics! :)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

October 2010! :)

Well, here we's so crazy that Rowan is now 13 1/2 months old!! He is too much fun these days!! His true personality is showing and we are super excited!!! :) He is walking now...trying to run at times! He began walking on September 19th...TRULY walking, after just taking a few steps at a time. He has his tumbles often, but gets right back up! It's quite hilarious to watch!!! We recently took a family trip to the beach and it was a blast! Rowan loved the sand once he got used to it and really really loved the splashpad at our condo! :) He made a lot of little friends. (Or, so he thought!) This weekend we are going to a pumpkin patch, which I'm very excited about! Rowan now has 8 teeth!! He will eat absolutely we have to be extremely careful what is in his reach, for sure!

Life is good! Our friends, Catherine and Blake had their little girl, Scarlett, on September 20th and we are so happy for them! Also, Aubrey became an Aunt(official) on October 8th to little Gwyneth! Babies everywhere! :)

Here are some beach pictures!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Rowan is ONE!!! :)

Rowan is now 1 year old! It's amazing how fast time flies!! I want to thank each and everyone one of you who made Rowans' first birthday the best one ever! He sure is blessed...and we are, too! Here is the birthday boy! :)

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Rowan will be one year old in 11 days...he is more fun each and everyday! :) He is still not walking, but is standing and crawling SO FAST! I left him for a few seconds yesterday and thought he was with Houston. Well, I went to get him and Houston didn't have him. I freaked out, of course!!! He had crawled up our staircase and was upstairs in our office. Needless to say, the gate is up 24/7 now!!! He is now drinking only from a sippy cup! This was an easy transition for us, thankfully! We switched to whole milk at 11 months old and he loves that, too!!! We are going to work on getting rid of the paci within the 2nd year...decided to not be in a huge rush for it! He is such a stubborn little guy with a powerful personality...don't know who he gets that from. :) We just love him so very much!!!

Another thought...I have the best friends, REALLY! There is not a time in my life that I can think of that I have needed a friend and didn't have one to lean on. We have such a great group of friends...there are about 10 or so of us and not many people can say they have that many friends they could call on. We are blessed!!! And, I thank God for them daily!! :)

Rowan's party is coming up and I just ordered the last minute supplies...we are excited!! It will be very simple, but fun, for sure! :) Ohhh!! Another thing, Rowan has a minor surgery on the 24th. He is having his skin tags removed from his ear and a frenulectomy (clipping under the tongue). I noticed when Rowan couldn't breastfeed that his tongue was attached tightly and mentioned this to the physician. He recommended us wait and have it done, so we are! I'm a little nervous, but know he will do just fine! :) The Dr. also told us that tightly attached tongues are hereditary...and my twin and I both had it done, so thanks to me, Rowan has it. :( But, please say a prayer for us! Thanks!

Will update soon! :) Here are some pics, of course! :)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I absolutely cannot believe it is July already! Rowan will be a year old next month! I'm happy and sad at the same time! We are so busy these days! Rowan is pretty close to walking, I feel, but even if he's not walking yet...he is EVERYWHERE! And, so much stinking fun! :) I believe he is going to be an outgoing little guy. He's not afraid of anyone and loves meeting new people!! He is eating dinner with us now, or at the table at least! We share off of our plates what we can with him! He is also trying SO hard to talk...Houston and I just laugh and wonder, "What is he trying to say?!" :) One day we will know! :)

One of my best friends, Catherine, has her baby shower this weekend and I'm super excited about it! She is having a little girl named Scarlett...Rowan is VERY excited about this! :)

I started my new/old job at Hartselle Geropsych and am loving it! :) I was actually there 4 years ago and decided to go back, so it's going very well! I miss my friends from my previous job already, though! :(

Here are some recent pics! :)

Sunday, June 13, 2010 far!

Well, we began June at the beach, which was fabulous!! Rowan didn't love the ocean water (neither do I), but he did like the sand and he loves pools!! He was so good at the beach and I loved being there as a little family! :) Next year I know will be even more fun! Rowan is crawling everywhere now, pulling up, and "cruising" around every piece of furniture we have. His 3rd tooth is coming in and they look so stinkin cute!!! He is a happy little guy most of the time, unless he's hungry or tired. :) I've started thinking about his first birthday party & it excites me and saddens me at the same time! Time seriously flies!!

I also went on my girl beach trip the first weekend of June! It was SO much fun and I really needed it! Houston had a great time with Rowan and I came home to Rowan saying "Mama" more and more. Houston said he worked with him. :)

Here are some pictures! :)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My nieces! :)

Just wanted to post some updated pictures of my nieces and little cousin, Ivy. :) They rock my world and I just love them SO very much! :)

May 2010 :)

Once again, another month has almost flown by! Aubs will be telling me soon it's time to update, so I thought I would beat her to it! :) (Love you, AUBREY!) It's surreal how fast time goes, so I most definitely try to treasure every little moment that I have with my precious son, awesome husband, best friends, and fun family! Rowan is 8 months and 3 weeks old today! He began crawling today, also! He has been trying for some time now and today got it! :) He's not too quick, but I'm sure in a few days, he will have it down for sure!

We are going on our family beach trip next week and are super excited!! There are 5 couples going. 3 couples have one child, so this should be FUN! :)

Then the next weekend I go with my girlfriends on our annual beach trip! SO excited about this, too! There are 9 of us going and it will be a blast!!! I am definitely going to miss Rowan and Houston, but feel blessed that I am able to continue to do this trip and also that Houston is a wonderful Father and I will have no worries about our little man! :)

I want everyone to say a prayer for my friends, Dustin and Kellie Ray. There little girl, Ella, is going through some medical problems and they could sure use the prayers. They have received great news, but still don't have a definite answer to their questions. Please pray that they receive them so they can be at peace and rest well at night. :)
Another friend, Haley Little, needs our prayers, too. She was in an ATV accident, but is doing MUCH better! So, thank goodness she will be okay, but she still has a long road of recovery. :)

Much love,
Kyla :)

here are some recent pics of our little man! :)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

April :)

April is almost gone...I can't believe how fast time flies. We've been super busy working, spending time with Rowan, and just doing things around the house...hopefully soon, our addition to our home will begin. I'm super duper happy about that! Rowan will have his own little bedroom, bathroom, and playroom. :) YAY! I'm going nuts with all of his toys in our den. It looks like a daycare. Seriously. Anywho...this month has been good. Easter was a blast...and I got to see some of my girlfriends this month, too!!! I plan on going to dinner with some more friends at the end of the month, also!! Rowan will be 8 months old soon and that's crazy to think about! :) He is sitting up great now and wants to crawl so bad, but can't get those legs working. I hear once they start crawling the rest happens so quickly, so I'm okay with him making us wait a bit longer. We are planning on Rowan being our only child, so I want him to take his time growing up. :) Here are a few pics of this month! (Rowan with Aunt Aubrey, with Honey, with our Preacher, and just hanging out in his cowboy boots.)

Monday, March 22, 2010


Yay for Springtime! :) I'm so glad it's finally here...even though it snowed today!! Rowan is now 6 1/2 months old and it's still SO very much fun being his Mommy!! He's sitting up very well on his own now...not crawling, yet, but I have a feeling it's not too far away!! We wake up to him in his crib smiling at us every morning, so our days begin wonderfully!! He goes to my Mom's house (Nana's) every weekday and that's going great, too! Two of my nieces are there M-W-F and I am so thankful he is going to grow up close to them! They keep him laughing all the time! At Rowan's six month appointment he was 17.5 lbs and 27 1/4 inches long...a good size! :)

More exciting friend Kandice is only a month away from her baby's due date!! Collin Lakin Lambert should be here soon! YAY! We had her baby shower last weekend and it was a blast! Houston went to Florence for the weekend, so my girlfriends came to stay with me!!! It was so much fun!!! My friends really are the best!! Rowan is happy with them and they are so comfortable taking care of him! Aubrey took care of him for almost 4 hours Saturday morning for me while I napped from being up too late the night before! ;) Then, Kaydee fed him and rocked him to sleep for me that night!! Talking about some great friends!!! :) They actually kinda fight over it, but it's hilarious! Also, my friend, Catherine is expecting!! Baby Brown is due September 25!! :) And, my friend, Kellie had her little girl recently, too!!

I turned 27 last week!! I don't feel any older, though. :) I tell my Mom all of the time that I'm an adult now because I have a child! :) My beach trips are not far away at all!! YAY!!!

Here are some recent pictures of Rowan!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Helllloooo :)

Today, my best friend Aubrey told me I needed to update my blog for February, so here ya go, girl! :) (Seriously, thanks for keeping me straight!) Hmm...where do I begin?? Let's start by saying...Rowan is such a blessing. I really am fascinated with him and how much he changes day by day. I just LOVE him! It's crazy because at first when we came home from the hospital with him, I was like,"What have we done???" And, really had NO CLUE where to begin, but from somewhere within and with much amazing help from friends and family, life become "normal" again and it actually become FUN FUN FUN!!! I go to work and listen to people complain about stupid things and just one little thought of Rowan makes me smile!! He rocks. :)

So, February has been great and will continue to be because...Aubrey is coming into town this weekend and we are all going to celebrate Crystal's birthday with dinner and a movie!! YAY!!! Then, Rowan and I are going to Birmingham to see Aubs and Tara the last weekend of February! :) Wahooo!!! Also, this Thursday, Houston and I are going to see Jason Aldean in concert and Mom is staying with Rowan on Thursday night! We are super duper excited! This will be our first night together without Rowan, so say a little prayer for us! Valentine's Day was fun...nothing too exciting, but fun, nonetheless! :) I am so happy to have Houston and Rowan!! Also, I thank God often for my fabulous family and friends...really, they are the best! :)

Rowan just woke from his's an updated pic, real quickly! :)

Monday, January 18, 2010

Almost 5 months old!!! WOW!!

I am going to try to do a post atleast once a here is January's! :)Rowan will be 5 months old next Tuesday and it's hard to believe! I am loving being a Mother more and more everyday! It seems like he does something new everyday now! We have planned a few vacations for the year and I cannot wait to take him along! :) I love to organize so I'm really excited about packing! That sounds weird to some people, but I really do love it! My family has been great with Rowan. My Mother keeps him daily and I really do believe he gets sad when she, we play and he cheers back up!!! My S-I-L and my nieces spend as much time as they can with him and I cannot wait to see them interacting when he gets a little older!! It's gonna be wild for sure!! We had his 4 month pics made and I will post some when I get them!

I wish there was more time for the weekends...a 3 day weekend every week would be fabulous!! If only we could get paid for 40 hours of work, still! :) I really need to visit all of my friends more...that may be my resolution!!! Can you make a new years resolution in the middle of January? :) is great! :)