Friday, October 14, 2016

October 2016 :)

10 months later. I said I'd do, I guess not waiting 3 years IS better! :) Life is SO good. Ya know, I have always had a good life, but now that I'm a tad bit older I truly know it. Yes, we had struggles. We probably had more struggles than most of my friends growing up, but we had a loving Mom that really didn't let us know how bad the struggles were. I've always appreciated and respected my Mom, but I have 100% more appreciation than I did when I was a young one. Rowan is 7 now. He's in first grade and rocking it. He's smart, kind, and pretty fun! Houston is still Principal at Lacey's Spring. I am still at Summerford! God has blessed us with great jobs! That's for sure! I will attach some pics of our life. : )

Friday, January 1, 2016

It's been TOO long.

My heavens! It's been over 3 years since I've written. There's been a lot to happen. I'll leave out the really bad parts! ;) My Mom moved back to Cullman so she's closer, Rowan is now 6 and in as a whip, Houston is a Principal at Lacey's Spring School in Morgan County, I'm still at Summerford, got our new sweet puppy-Itsy, Chocolate went to heaven, Honey became an inside dog, friends getting married, friends building their first homes, friends have babies and more babies, still have the same amazing friends and also have some great new ones, and still SO very blessed! I will attach some pictures from the last 3 years! :)
Rowan at his first Cotton Bowl in Arlington, Texas! 12/31/2015!
Rowan is an awesome soccer player! This is him Fall 2015! He is about to start Indoor soccer in Madison!:)
We bought half season tickets to Huntsville Havoc and LOVE it!!! Here are the kiddos with Jason Popek! Best player ever. :)
Our family beach trip to Seagrove, Florida! July 2015!
Rowan's first day of school!!! August 2015!
Skydiving!!!! November 2015!!!
The girls at Kandice's Wedding, October 2015! It's been great! :) Happy and loving life! :)