Monday, March 28, 2011

Rowan is now...

19 months old!! Ahh! I cannot believe it! He is now so close to 2! It's so much fun and I wouldn't trade this stage of his life for anything! :) He is saying more words now...Saus(sausage),Ball,Juice,Go,No,Yesssss,fish,boots,shoe,sock,and of course, the ones I have talked about before! He has almost all of his teeth...I believe he has 3 coming in right now and that should be all! YAY! :) Teething has not been bad, really. There was a month where I thought someone had exchanged my kid for a little gremlin, but that flew by. (I related that to teething, whether it was that or not.) Anywho, life is fabulous with our little man running around! :)

March has been SO busy! But, has been so fun, too! We took Rowan out on the boat for the first time and to the circus! :) Aubrey and I did the walk for Ella, which was such an uplifting experience! It was also so fun to get together with friends we had not seen in awhile! :) The following weekend was mine, Aubrey's, and Catherine's birthday celebration weekend! :) That Friday we celebrated my birthday. Saturday, Aubs and I took Rowan to the mall and played for awhile on the carousel and in the play place where the bouncy toys are! A lady I knew was there and asked if Aubrey was my sister because she (obviously) did so great and played like a kid with Rowan!! I told her she was my best friend and she told me I was lucky...this I know.:) Saturday night we had a girls night and celebrated everyone's birthday!! 3 more of my friends have children, so my, how times/girls nights have changed! :) There were 3 little ones under 18 1/2 months and Kaylee, who is 4! :) I must admit, I was looking forward to Rowan's bedtime, so I could have some girl time that was much needed! :) It was a lot of fun! :) I seriously am so blessed to have the great group of girlfriends that I do! They are amazing! :)

Oh, and Houston is in Grad school @ UNA! He is getting his Masters in Instructional Leadership, which means hopefully he can advance in the Education Field one day! :) I am very proud of him...he works SO hard and remains extremely active in Rowan's life and mine. We are lucky to have him, for sure! :)

I am ready for continuous warm weather...the beach, etc! :)

Please continue to pray for Ella...they hope to be discharged from the hospital within the next week or so! YAY God is good! :)


  1. Hey Kyla! I see Houston at school occasionally I have only seen him to wave. He is always in class when I am on my break. I am working on my masters too. bleh.... ;)

  2. Aww!! That's funny! He is also in a class with a friend of mine from high school! :) When do you finish? That's awesome! :) How are YOU? :)