Friday, October 14, 2016

October 2016 :)

10 months later. I said I'd do, I guess not waiting 3 years IS better! :) Life is SO good. Ya know, I have always had a good life, but now that I'm a tad bit older I truly know it. Yes, we had struggles. We probably had more struggles than most of my friends growing up, but we had a loving Mom that really didn't let us know how bad the struggles were. I've always appreciated and respected my Mom, but I have 100% more appreciation than I did when I was a young one. Rowan is 7 now. He's in first grade and rocking it. He's smart, kind, and pretty fun! Houston is still Principal at Lacey's Spring. I am still at Summerford! God has blessed us with great jobs! That's for sure! I will attach some pics of our life. : )

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