Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Happy! :) we are 10.2 weeks pregnant! :) Went to the Dr. yesterday! He said everything was going great and we were able to hear the heart beat again! It was 170! Houston said,"uh oh, it might be a girl!" Haha...he believes everything anyone tells him about pregnancy! They have said that a girl's heartrate will be higher! I will be happy with either one, but would love a little boy since we have 3 nieces and a little girl cousin!

I've been feeling great! Still a little tired, but great! I went to dinner last weekend with Tara and Aubs for Tara's birthday, which was FUN!!!! I miss my girlfriends a lot! I know I better get in as much as I can, because beginning in August, they'll probably get a lot of me and baby! :) I'm VERY determined to still get in my girl time & I want Houston to do the same with his guys, because I think that's extremely important!

Mom and I went shopping a few weekends ago for baby stuff, but it was impossible to buy much, because we don't know the sex yet. I bought some bottles and's actually starting to feel real now, since I'm buying stuff! :) We've decided on names...Girl=Maggie Mae, Boy=Rowan Bryant. Tell me what you think! (I can't remember if I've already posted that...oops!)

Work is good. For those of you who don't know, I am the Director of Social Services at Summerford Nursing Home in Falkville. It's a great job...flexible and my boss is great! I think I'm going to ask for a couch in my office for naps. We'll see how that goes!

I'm sad the Cardinals lost the Super Bowl! They definitely deserved it! I'm more sad for my oldest brother, Cody, because he absolutely loves them! :) Even my niece, Zoe cheers for them!

Enough for today!~Kyla

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  1. Girl, You can't tell anything by the heartbeat! Colton's was 180 and I thought he would be a girl for sure!