Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Happy as can be!

Well, yesterday I went for my 14 week Dr. appt and everything is going great!!! :) I have gained 10 pounds, which feels like 20! But, the Dr. said that it's okay and we also go to hear the heartbeat again! This time it was 150!!! It is still so exciting every single time we get to do that! :) It just feels like time is flying by and I know it will continue to do so after Baby Blackwood is here!! That saddens me already!!!

My pregnancy so far has been great!!!! No sickness at all, just VERY tired! I have been to visit some friends...went to Blair's wedding last weekend and stayed with Aubs and Tara, which was lots of fun! Aubs took me maternity clothes shopping and helped me pick out some cute stuff!! I love it all and cannot wait to wear it!! (If it still fits!) Hehe...Houston has begun to talk to the baby a little bit and I love it!!! He also assists me once in awhile putting stretch mark cream on my tummy!!! He's so excited! I know he'll be a fabulous Daddy! My friends have been so excited for us and so supportive! I know our baby will love them just as much as we do!!! It excites me to bring our child into this family/friend circle of happiness!!! We find out what "it" is on March 30th, which is Aubs' birthday...what a gift, huh!! :)

Next thing!I am getting super duper excited about our annual girls beach trip at the end of May! It is getting so close and I definitely need it!!!! We always have the GREATEST time! I'm going to prove those people wrong who keep saying I'm not gonna make it! :) I'll be there with my super hot momma swimsuit on! Guaranteed! Haha...Will update later! Kyla

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  1. Hey,
    I was 9 months and still went to Destin for my moms 50th B-Day, was not to bad, I was just sooooooooooo big:)Keep us up to date

    Kristi Villarreal Borden