Thursday, May 28, 2009

26 weeks! :)

Well...we have 3 1/2 months left and I'm getting more and more excited!!!! We went to the Dr. Tuesday and I'm pretty sure we are going to have ourselves a wild child! He wouldn't even be still to let us hear the heartbeat...the Dr. would say,"Here it is...and there he goes." He also told us that most children, in his opinion, have started developing a personality by this point and said his children were always very still and calm througout pregnancy, meaning our kid was obviously going to be bouncing off the walls. :) Which makes me happy!'s just so exciting and learning more and more about him is great! I go in 2 weeks for my glucose tolerance test and in 4 weeks for our 4D! We got our glider in yesterday and I love it! :)

Thank you to everyone who continues to ask about us!! We really have the best friends in the whole world! :)

P.S. Please keep my Mother in your prayers as well. She has a biopsy next week and is extremely nervous/scared. Her Dr. told her 80% of biopsies come out okay, so I think she will do fine. Just please remember her. :)

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