Thursday, May 14, 2009


I'm now 24 weeks and 3 days pregnant, which is crazy! :) I can't believe how fast it has flown! Rowan is kicking A LOT! More at night, but some during the day, too! It's the coolest thing ever! Houston and I are getting SO excited! My dad is painting the nursery letters for us, so maybe that will brighten things up in there a little bit. I've been looking for a lamp also for the nursery...I can't really find one that I like. And, we need a glider, still. :) Those are the big things. :) I am growing like a weed. SERIOUSLY. This week (I work in a Nursing Home) is national Nursing Home week and we've been having silly little games and such around work and one was to guess mine & one other girls waist size. Well, I had no clue what mine was. Of course...who knows that? Well, anywho, she had to measure me to see who guessed closest and lets just say that NO, I'm not that big right now, but to still have 14 weeks to go, I AM GOING TO BE A HIPPO! :) Which is okay, because I do have a reason, but it still scares me a little. Also, a little resident at work called me "Fattie" :) And, told me I was having twins or one "big one." Haha! It's hilarious! But, everything is going great! Houston and I went to the beach last weekend for a short trip and it was great. I love traveling with him! Speaking of Houston, he's been fabulous through everything...the pregnancy, losing Charmin, etc. Every night before falling asleep he tells me to be sure to wake him if I need ANYTHING at all. He better be careful, because I just may wake him for the smallest thing on a real lazy night. :) I'm doing okay re: Charmin. I miss her so much, but with time it has gotten easier. Life around her is much different without her because she was my energy dog. :) The others are lazy, but great, too! I guess that's all for now! I'm glad tomorrow is Friday...I'm ready for the weekend!

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  1. You look so cute! Looks like you are doing really well with it. I had an easy time of it too... up until the last two weeks or so. Glad everything is going well!