Tuesday, October 27, 2009

2 months old!! WOW!

Rowan was 2 months old yesterday. :) It's flying by, but I know it will be more fun as the days go by, too!!! He gets his shots today & I'm terrified. :( Hopefully he won't cry for long!!!! He's so sweet...and smiles a good bit these days!!! I love seeing him doing new things and definitely get pictures of absolutely everything...one day he'll be thankful for that!!! He wakes up once a night most nights and hopefully will be snoozing right through within the next few weeks. I go back to work on Dec. 1st and he will be staying with my Mom, A.K.A. Nana :) He will definitely be spoiled!! I have never imagined loving someone this much...although, I thought I couldn't love beyond my wonderful husband. Houston is such a great Daddy...as soon as he gets home in the evenings he spends time with Rowan and you can tell he is STILL on cloud 9!!! We are blessed to have such a healthy son and such fabulous people to share him with! He will have more Aunts and Uncles than anyone I know! :)

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