Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A little update! :)

ROWAN IS 10 WEEKS OLD TODAY!! Time is flying by. I have one month before I go back to work and I'm a little worried. :( My Mom will be keeping him, so I have no concerns about that, but I know that this precious time will just fly by and I don't wanna miss a thing!!! :) Rowan is growing so much! At his 2 month appt. he was 23 inches long and weighed 12.6 lbs. :) Maybe he won't be short like his Mommy!!! Last night he slept from 10:45-4:45 and I woke up and was like,"OH MY GOODNESS!!!" I actually woke Houston up to tell him, which I probably shouldn't have done since it was my night to get up, but I was just so excited!!

Anywho...I go this weekend with Aubrey to the Bama/lsu game and am going to stay the night with her. Houston will have Rowan all by himself overnight!!! He is absolutely fabulous with him, so no worries there!!!! I think it will be good for me to have some time away just to get used to it before I go back to work! My friend, Stacy & her little girl, Kaylee are coming Friday to hang out with us!!! Kaylee is precious!! I'm also going to get my niece, Zoe, Friday morning so she can meet Kaylee!! They are very close in age, so it should be a fun day! Houston and I were saying that we are growing up because we are looking forward to playdates with kiddos!!! :)

Houston's football team (Hartselle) is 8-2 now and the first round of the playoffs are this weekend, so wish them luck!!! :) I want them to win, but also look forward to Houston being able to spend more time at home!!!

Here's a picture of our little guy! :)

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