Friday, November 20, 2009

Almost 3 months old...

Rowan will be 3 months old on Thanksgiving...WOW, how time flies!! :) He is such a blessing to us and I honestly don't know what Houston and I did with our time before him. I return to work on December 1st and My Mother (NANA) will keep Rowan during the week for us...which will be fantastic! I realized being at home for this short time that I really love my job and my money.(Poor Houston has been supporting me completely since I didn't have maternity leave...I had only been at my job 11 months when he was born.) I'm not saying I haven't loved being at home with Rowan AT ALL...I just know that I am meant to be at my job. :) I admire the ladies who are stay at home Mothers, because it's definitely harder than any other job I have ever had!!!
It's amazing how a little smile can brighten your whole day...especially one as cute as this. :)

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