Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Helllloooo :)

Today, my best friend Aubrey told me I needed to update my blog for February, so here ya go, girl! :) (Seriously, thanks for keeping me straight!) Hmm...where do I begin?? Let's start by saying...Rowan is such a blessing. I really am fascinated with him and how much he changes day by day. I just LOVE him! It's crazy because at first when we came home from the hospital with him, I was like,"What have we done???" And, really had NO CLUE where to begin, but from somewhere within and with much amazing help from friends and family, life become "normal" again and it actually become FUN FUN FUN!!! I go to work and listen to people complain about stupid things and just one little thought of Rowan makes me smile!! He rocks. :)

So, February has been great and will continue to be because...Aubrey is coming into town this weekend and we are all going to celebrate Crystal's birthday with dinner and a movie!! YAY!!! Then, Rowan and I are going to Birmingham to see Aubs and Tara the last weekend of February! :) Wahooo!!! Also, this Thursday, Houston and I are going to see Jason Aldean in concert and Mom is staying with Rowan on Thursday night! We are super duper excited! This will be our first night together without Rowan, so say a little prayer for us! Valentine's Day was fun...nothing too exciting, but fun, nonetheless! :) I am so happy to have Houston and Rowan!! Also, I thank God often for my fabulous family and friends...really, they are the best! :)

Rowan just woke from his nap...here's an updated pic, real quickly! :)

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