Monday, March 22, 2010


Yay for Springtime! :) I'm so glad it's finally here...even though it snowed today!! Rowan is now 6 1/2 months old and it's still SO very much fun being his Mommy!! He's sitting up very well on his own now...not crawling, yet, but I have a feeling it's not too far away!! We wake up to him in his crib smiling at us every morning, so our days begin wonderfully!! He goes to my Mom's house (Nana's) every weekday and that's going great, too! Two of my nieces are there M-W-F and I am so thankful he is going to grow up close to them! They keep him laughing all the time! At Rowan's six month appointment he was 17.5 lbs and 27 1/4 inches long...a good size! :)

More exciting friend Kandice is only a month away from her baby's due date!! Collin Lakin Lambert should be here soon! YAY! We had her baby shower last weekend and it was a blast! Houston went to Florence for the weekend, so my girlfriends came to stay with me!!! It was so much fun!!! My friends really are the best!! Rowan is happy with them and they are so comfortable taking care of him! Aubrey took care of him for almost 4 hours Saturday morning for me while I napped from being up too late the night before! ;) Then, Kaydee fed him and rocked him to sleep for me that night!! Talking about some great friends!!! :) They actually kinda fight over it, but it's hilarious! Also, my friend, Catherine is expecting!! Baby Brown is due September 25!! :) And, my friend, Kellie had her little girl recently, too!!

I turned 27 last week!! I don't feel any older, though. :) I tell my Mom all of the time that I'm an adult now because I have a child! :) My beach trips are not far away at all!! YAY!!!

Here are some recent pictures of Rowan!

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  1. Now that is one handsome looking baby boy! The perfect mixture of you and Houston! He is gorgeous, Kyla! Sweet Baby Boy!