Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I absolutely cannot believe it is July already! Rowan will be a year old next month! I'm happy and sad at the same time! We are so busy these days! Rowan is pretty close to walking, I feel, but even if he's not walking yet...he is EVERYWHERE! And, so much stinking fun! :) I believe he is going to be an outgoing little guy. He's not afraid of anyone and loves meeting new people!! He is eating dinner with us now, or at the table at least! We share off of our plates what we can with him! He is also trying SO hard to talk...Houston and I just laugh and wonder, "What is he trying to say?!" :) One day we will know! :)

One of my best friends, Catherine, has her baby shower this weekend and I'm super excited about it! She is having a little girl named Scarlett...Rowan is VERY excited about this! :)

I started my new/old job at Hartselle Geropsych and am loving it! :) I was actually there 4 years ago and decided to go back, so it's going very well! I miss my friends from my previous job already, though! :(

Here are some recent pics! :)

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