Sunday, August 15, 2010


Rowan will be one year old in 11 days...he is more fun each and everyday! :) He is still not walking, but is standing and crawling SO FAST! I left him for a few seconds yesterday and thought he was with Houston. Well, I went to get him and Houston didn't have him. I freaked out, of course!!! He had crawled up our staircase and was upstairs in our office. Needless to say, the gate is up 24/7 now!!! He is now drinking only from a sippy cup! This was an easy transition for us, thankfully! We switched to whole milk at 11 months old and he loves that, too!!! We are going to work on getting rid of the paci within the 2nd year...decided to not be in a huge rush for it! He is such a stubborn little guy with a powerful personality...don't know who he gets that from. :) We just love him so very much!!!

Another thought...I have the best friends, REALLY! There is not a time in my life that I can think of that I have needed a friend and didn't have one to lean on. We have such a great group of friends...there are about 10 or so of us and not many people can say they have that many friends they could call on. We are blessed!!! And, I thank God for them daily!! :)

Rowan's party is coming up and I just ordered the last minute supplies...we are excited!! It will be very simple, but fun, for sure! :) Ohhh!! Another thing, Rowan has a minor surgery on the 24th. He is having his skin tags removed from his ear and a frenulectomy (clipping under the tongue). I noticed when Rowan couldn't breastfeed that his tongue was attached tightly and mentioned this to the physician. He recommended us wait and have it done, so we are! I'm a little nervous, but know he will do just fine! :) The Dr. also told us that tightly attached tongues are hereditary...and my twin and I both had it done, so thanks to me, Rowan has it. :( But, please say a prayer for us! Thanks!

Will update soon! :) Here are some pics, of course! :)

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