Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Growing too fast...

Being a Mommy is such a wonderful, fun job and gets better every day! :) Rowan is such a fun little boy!!! He is now running everywhere, babbling nonstop. He can say a few words...ball, cow, jump, nana, mommy, daddy, and a few others, but nothing is very clear, yet. :) He goes tomorrow for his 2nd round of flu vaccination, but last time I took him he just made a noise at the nurse after she gave it to him. Haha..like, "who do you think you are?"

We have been super busy lately! Last weekend we were able to go with Aubs and her Dad to the Bama game and had so much fun! The weekend before, us girls (and Rowan) went to see Catherine and Scarlett! It was LOTS of fun!! Scarlett is absolutely precious!!! I am seriously so thankful for our group of friends!!

I am very excited about the holidays coming up! I love our family time and love when we can all get together because everyone is so busy, so it doesn't happen often. :(

Recent pictures are here! :) I just loved his little Christmas pics! :)

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