Saturday, December 25, 2010

December 2010

This month started with Houston's 30TH birthday and party...which I must say was a blast! He and I have the most awesome friends and always have so much fun together!!! Aubrey came up that weekend and helped me with everything...she's the best!

It's hard to believe that tomorrow my little boy will be 16 months old! Time is flying, but it really is so much fun! He is SO stinking busy! It's hilarious to just sit and watch him run around! He has started giving me more hugs and kisses, trying to talk more, running everywhere, and organizing things! And, he LOVES books! I'm proud of that. He gets that from his daddy!

Thanksgiving and Christmas this year were so much fun! We got together with our families and had a blast!

On another note: Everyone please pray for my friend Kellie, her husband Dustin, and their little girl Ella! She had a bone marrow transplant on December 9th and is at Children's Hospital recovering from it! There have been complications, but hopefully she will get to go to the bone marrow unit next week and leave the ICU!! Praise GOD!!!


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