Wednesday, June 15, 2011

21 Months! :)

Rowan is now 21 months, going on 4 years old! ;) He's a ball of fun and always doing something new! He says uh oh, dog, cat, barn, barney, mama, dada, nana, mimi, names, and lots lots more! He is most of the time out-going, but occasionally he will be shy around stranger! He does have a temper, but hopefully we can get control of that soon! :0

I went to Kaydee's bachelorette party June 3-6 and missed him so much, but had so much fun with my friends! Kaydee is going to be a beautiful bride and I'm so lucky to be a part of it! :) (I'm an honorary bridesmaid!) I returned home on the 6th and then Houston and I left the night of the 7th for the Dominican Republic for our 5th Anniversary trip...our neighbors went at the same time for their daughters high school graduation gift too, so we had friends there as well!! :) It was AMAZING, but we were so ready to get home to our baby!

While we were gone, my mom kept Rowan until Friday and then my best friend, Aubrey came and kept him until Sunday! I am so thankful for them! And, that they help us out, but actually want to be with Rowan, too! He is a blessed little guy! :)

Today is my Mom's 53rd birthday and we celebrated tonight by grilling out! It was lots of fun! The whole family was able to come except for my older brother, Cody because he had to work. :( I love how close Rowan is with his cousins! I want them to always stay close...some people don't have that closeness with family and I feel it is truly a blessing! :)

Rowan will be 2 in just a little over 2 months...this excites me and saddens me. I just love him so much and can't imagine him growing older and older! :)

Here are some pics of the past month!

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