Monday, July 4, 2011

Rowan is 22 months old! :)

We have been SO very busy around here lately! :) And, I'm loving it! We all are in bed by 10-10:30 every night so that shows we are crazy busy during the day! Houston starts 3 grad school classes in July, so we've been doing a lot in June, especially these last few days that we have together!
Rowan really enjoys going to the splashpad in Hartselle, swimming, and just playing outside in general! He finished his swimming lessons last Thursday, but is not swimming. ;) They were fun, though! He did learn to kick, but is not sure what to do with his arms just yet...swimming lessons at 1 year old I guess aren't supposed to train them for the olympics. It was more like playtime, actually! Rowan really loved the slide and to go under a LOT!!
We converted Rowan's crib to the full size bed on his 22nd month birthday...he woke up 3 nights in a row around 3 a.m., but has done good since! I had a lot of friends on facebook tell me to get him a glow-worm...I did and he LOVES it! So, hopefully that will help him sleep better! He is starting to say a few words at a time and it's so stinking cute! He can pretty much make ALL animal sounds and is obsessed with cows and horses. He actually took one of his cows and a horse to Point Mallard on Friday with us. ;) There's nothing like it.
July is going to be very busy for us as well! I look forward to all of the fun events coming up! Oh, and I have Rowan's birthday venue reserved and have ordered his cake...we are going with Sesame Street theme! (When I was pregnant I found some cups and plates that were Sesame Street for 2.00 so I must use them!)

Here are a few pictures! :)

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